我們正在招聘 销售及销售管理的职业生涯 We are hiring.Careers in sales and sales management.
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Growyour success while helping others.

As a financial professional at New York Life Insurance   Company, you will benefit from being a part ofa Fortune 100 company with a history of success dating back to 1845. Our financial strength, respected brand, wealth of resources, and widely admired corporate      culture make New York Life an ideal place to build a career today and for the long term.

We are looking for professionals who are ready to put their people and business skills to serve the Chinese- American community, while starting their own practice in the insurance and financial industry.

Being a New York Life Agent has its benefits.

A comprehensive training program

(through NYLIC University)

Competitive compensation & benefit plans      (including dental, long term disability, 401(k)**, pension***)

Management opportunities for qualified candidates

There are significant opportunities to succeed !

Call today to learn more about this opportunity.

*After one year ofservice

***Certain eligibility requirements apply. Monthly payments are determined by your earnings, years of service, age, and the form of payment you choose. The Company reserves the right to amend or terminate the plan at any time for any reason.

让您事业成功, 同时还能帮助别人。

作为一位纽约人寿保险公司的财务专业人士,你会因 成为这家成功历史可以追溯到 1845 年的财富 100 强 公司的一员而获益。我们的财务实力、受推崇的品牌、 丰富的资源和广受赞誉的企业文化使纽约人寿成为人 们今天创业并长期立业的一个理想地方。

我们正在寻找愿意用自己的社交和业务技能服务于华 裔社区,并同时开创自己在保险和金融业领域的专业 人士。


全面的培训计划(通过 NYLIC 大学)

出色的报酬和福利计划(包括牙科保险、长期残障保险、 401(k)** 、和养老金 ***)







Sherry Lin

Managing Partner

New York Life Insurance Company

Fullerton General Office

Tel: (714) 255-151

Cell: (626) 617-626

Email: lins@newyorklife.com

675 Placentia Ave #250

Brea, CA 92821

Financial Professional
Are you a leader who has the following traits? 
• Competitive
• Entrepreneurial
• Coachable
• Communicative
• Self-disciplined
• Authentic
If yes, consider becoming an insurance agent to drive positive impact in the lives of families every day. At New York Life, you’re 
in control of your career journey. Backed by a Fortune 100 company that is a leader in the financial services industry, New York 
Life will invest in you from the start, training you in valuable skills such as marketing, customer relationship management (CRM) 
and communication, and providing you with a development team and sales support to guide your success. 
What we’re looking for... 
We’re looking for people who want to make a lasting impact on the financial well-being of individuals, families and small 
businesses. This is not just a sales job—it’s a career with purpose and opportunity. You’ll provide peace of mind to your clients 
while helping them navigate challenges that many of them find complex and confusing, such as preparing for retirement and 
saving for college. As an insurance agent, you will have the opportunity to see the positive impact of your work for years to 
come. You will grow personally and professionally along with your clients. 
What we offer...
Training and development 
We’ll equip and train you with a multi-faceted approach that includes an industry-leading learning platform, personalized 
coaching from dedicated training professionals and the ability to obtain industry professional designations. We are so 
committed to training that we’ll subsidize it in your first two years, providing you with additional funds to help keep you on your 
feet while you complete our training program and grow your business. You’ll also get rewarded and acknowledged with sales 
incentives and professional development trips for our top performing insurance agents. 
Digital tools 
Beyond this training and support, New York Life will equip you with the tools you need to succeed day-to-day, including experts 
on hand to answer your questions and a suite of digital sales, prospecting and marketing tools that will help you attract and 
retain your clients with web, social and email content. 
Products and solutions 
Together with its subsidiaries, New York Life provides a range of products, including life insurance, annuities, long term care 
insurance and investment products such as mutual funds through our broker-dealer arm NYLIFE Securities LLC (member 
of FINRA and SIPC), a Licensed Insurance Agency, ensuring that the solutions you develop with your clients can help them 
and their families achieve their financial goals. You’ll also be able to specialize and gain expertise in different areas, such as by 
becoming a financial advisor with Eagle Strategies LLC, our investment advisory division to offer wealth management and 
advisory services1
, estate planning strategies and business solutions. 
Human guidance
When you join New York Life, you’re joining a strong team with peer-to-peer support options like study groups, mentorship 
and other opportunities to engage with your fellow insurance agents. 
How we will compensate you. 
You have the power to determine your own income with our commission-based compensation. Across our more than 12,000 
diverse agent population, the average income in 2020 was $91,351.2 Individual agent performance dictates this income. 
Additional benefits include medical, dental, vision, a 401(k) and pension.3
About New York Life...
New York Life is a Fortune 100 company with a long history of doing good. We have been in business for over 175 years, helping 
generations of Americans protect their families and attain their financial goals. As a mutual company, we are accountable only 
to our policyholders, not to Wall Street or outside investors. We are focused on long-term success for our clients. 
Awards & Accolades...
We’re proud of our financial strength.4 • A++ Superior (A.M. Best)
• AAA Exceptionally Strong (Fitch)
• Aaa Exceptional (Moody’s)
• AA+ Very Strong (Standard & Poor’s)
We’re proud of our position in the industry.5 • Training Magazine 2021: Top Companies for Learning and Development
• Fortune Magazine 2021: New York Life ranks #1 in 2021 Fortune World’s Most Admired Companies list for
Insurance: Life and Health.6 • JD Power Award 2020: #1 in Best Annuity Provider category and #6 in Best Life Insurer rankings
We’re proud to be recognized by organizations that also value diversity.
• 2021 Forbes Best Employers for Diversity: New York Life ranks #82 out of the 500 companies recognized
• LATINA Style 2019: Company of the Year
• Forbes 2019: America’s Best Employers for Diversity
• Diversity Inc 2018: Top 50 Companies for Diversity
We’re proud of the help we’ve provided and continue to provide our clients.7 • 5,500,000+ lives Protected (includes all owners of individual life insurance and annuity policies)
• $5,200,000,000+ in living benefits awarded (includes life and annuity cash value accumulation and qualifying
policy dividends paid)
• $910,000,000+ lifetime annuity paid (includes all payouts on individual income annuity products)
• Over 29,000 professionals hired (includes company employees along with contracted financial professionals)
New York Life is an Equal Opportunity Employer – M/F/Veteran/Disability/Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity
1. Wealth Management and advisory services offered by Financial Advisors of Eagle Strategies LLC, a Registered Investment Adviser and aNewYork
Life company. 
2. As reflected by company data. Historical company data is provided forinformational purposes only. Agentincome is not guaranteed. Income is
dependent upon the sales of each agent. Individuals reflected sold atleast one life insurance policy.
3. NewYork Life reserves the rightto amend orterminate any benefit plans, inwhole orin part, at any time.
4. NewYork Life Insurance Company continues to receive the highest financial strength ratings currently awarded to any life insurerin the U.S.
from all four majorrating agencies. Source: Individual Third-Party Rating Reports: A.M. Best A++ (7/22/20), Fitch Ratings AAA (as of 12/10/20),
Moody’s Aaa (as of 1/6/21), and Standard & Poor’s AA+ (as of 10/14/20).
5. Full list of our awards is available here: https://www.newyorklife.com/newsroom/our-awards-and-recognition
6. Source: Fortune Magazine, 2021. Rankings are determined by a proprietary formula thatweights nine criteria to create an overall score.
7. All figures reflectthe consolidated results ofNewYork Life Insurance Company and its domestic insurance subsidiaries includingNewYork Life
Insurance and Annuity Corporation forthe 12 months endingDecember 31, 2020.
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